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A singer's singer, CaSh Jane exudes her love of music in every note that she sings. Born and raised in rural Texas, she had every opportunity to be immersed in and around music. CaSh Jane picked up her first instrument at the age of 7. Her mother and father purchased an upright piano and started her on lessons. "I can remember always wanting to play a musical instrument and when my parents offered me the chance to take piano lessons, I was thrilled!" It was only a few years later that she was also taking lessons for violin and clarinet and playing in school ensembles. "I must be honest, I never was the best musician in class but I loved music so much, I didn't really care. Music was my escape from the daily rigors of my school life and the people I was around. I just wanted to be next to it." By the time she was in high school, CaSh Jane longed to leave her hometown in hopes of finding some place where she could just be herself. "I managed to maintain my sanity by taking art classes, photography and choir. I enjoyed art so much that I knew my happiness lied in creating."

After finishing high school in only 3 years, CaSh Jane took off to college in a small community near Dallas, TX to study fashion design. After two years, she quit to find other avenues of education and self-fulfillment. "That was such a rough time for me. I had no direction and it was as if the music left my life!"

CaSh Jane. picked up and moved again. This time she moved to Austin, TX, which was known for its live music. "Austin livened up my spirits again. This city had such a diverse music culture and I was always being exposed to new forms of music." It was in Austin that she decided to start dancing in an ethnic cultural dance company. The company's house band let her sit in from time to time to do covers of soul music. It was those experiences that ignited her love of singing and refueled her passion for music.

After receiving her Bachelors in music at Howard University and performing at a host of venues, CaSh Jane is taking her love of music to a new level. Look forward to hearing her new project which is wholly injected with jazzy licks and soulful lyrics, due out this Fall.


Up Next

CaSh Jane returns to "The Black Fox Lounge with her infectious and energizing music. A graduate of Howard University, where she studied Jazz, CaSh has been sewing her seeds of music-art-love into the DC community for years with the fans to prove it. Her first major EP, The United States, is nearing release and she's is ready to share it with the world. With it's unique brand of soul-moving vocals, funky grooves, deep bass lines, and creative use of space, this jazz- and soul-rooted project is sure to please every ear! So come get your fill of fresh music, good food, great drinks, and more fun than you can handle with her on September 27 from 8:00 to 10:00 pm at the The Black Fox Lounge.



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